Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Question: Are your figures authentic?

Answer: Yes, we, NZ Cartoon Academy, are a registered New Zealand company, we directly order all our figures from Japan and USA, hence all our figures are authentic. We hate to see fake figures on the market.

Question: How can you tell if the figures are fake?

Answer: See, feel, check and touch. Authentic figures are boxed in good quality boxes and the prints are clear. When you hold the box in hand, you will feel the quality and the texture. The fake figures are using cheap papers and the prints are fade. Additionally, all authentic figure boxes are perfectly sealed. The fake figures come out from the factory in pieces, and they were put into the boxes later by the sellers, hence they are not sealed.

Question: Besides see, feel, check and touch, what else I can tell if the figures are fake?

Answer: Two more things you can do. First: compare the prices. Authentic figures are expensive because of the design, paint, box, and transport. Fake figures have a huge margin, and they are cheap. If you see a figure below $100 (except prize figures), most likely that it is a fake one. Second: you can ask the seller. No one should tell lies about their products. If someone is selling fake figures, you should be informed.

Question: What can I do to fight against fake figures?

Answer: The solution is easy: buy authentic figures, from us.

Shipping and Payment Information

Question: What shipping methods are available?

Answer: For local (New Zealand), we pack the parcels strong, and work with Fastway Couriers and NZ Post. For International orders, we use NZ Post. We usually ship out the goods on the next business day when the payment is received.

Question: What are the payment methods available?

Answer: When you proceed to check out, you will either get to choose Paypal with your credit card, or direct bank transfer. When you choose the latter one, you will receive an automatic email with our bank account details, then you can make the transfer and let us know when you’ve done it.

Orders and Returns

Question: Is it possible to pick up the goods?

Answer: We are an online store, but you are welcome to pick up the goods from our warehouse in West Auckland, New Zealand. Please arrange a time with us if pick up is your option.

Question: If I am not satisfied with the goods, can I return it?

Answer: We appreciate your business with us. If the goods are faulty, we will provide an exchange or a full refund if it is out of stock. If you are buying figures from us, it is important that you check the package and the inside content before you open it. Once the seal is open, we won’t be able to exchange or refund to you.

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